December 2008

Leading others requires not just a clear vision but the ability to communicate it persuasively. Leadership means more than just the ability to point to the best direction – others must be inspired to follow. This goes beyond possessing charisma – it means applying its power to bring about change that comes not just from the leaders’ head but also from their heart. The following video – of a man who spent much of his life in his brother’s shadow – is a compelling example that shows how much the world lost when the spotlight was so tragically cut off for him. (more…)

The Human Resource Management supplement distributed with The Daily Telegraph today includes an interview with ASK’s Managing Director, Robert Terry. In the article, Growing a business through talent management, Robert stresses the importance of follow-through to ensure that the enthusiasm and learning generated during development events is not just taken back into the workplace, but also applied and sustained. (more…)

As leadership challenges go, waking up as President-Elect is probably top of the heap. The weight of expectation on the winner’s shoulders this time around is particularly hard to imagine. If four turbulent years and almost unprecedented economic upheaval weren’t enough, the Obama campaign has itself added significantly to its own burden: “Change we can believe in” could yet easily turn from a mantle to a cage. (more…)

Basic level psychology can save you from carbuncles, cracked knuckles and a huge haberdashery bill. I know that sounds unlikely, but bear with me. I’ve never been entirely sure if it’s been a bad habit or something genetic – my Dad had the same problem – but for years I never owned a pair of gloves for more than a week. (more…)