A cracker can be many things:

  • A little firework that makes a shocking noise for its size
  • Something generally fine and excellent (and often witty too)
  • A table-top item two people can share and that contains a surprise of some kind.

We reckoned that we should come up with a new definition:

An individual blog post that fires your imagination, makes you (silently?) whoop in agreement, says something in a way that seems just right. Put it this way, the blogosphere is a big place, and even if quality control excelled itself 24/7 …

So we’ve added a new page here so we can attempt to catalogue just a few of these gems for others to hopefully find, enjoy and even share.

To give you an idea, here are summaries of just two examples:

Don’t Fall Victim to Your P-Ness: Mike Shoemakes not just making a good point about personality types, preferences and working styles, but demonstrating a real talent for the arresting headline. Just because we’ve passed judgment doesn’t mean we have P-Ness Envy issues, Mike, we just like your style …

12 Simple Ways To Impress Your Boss (And Everyone Else): considerably less brown-tongued that it might sound from it’s title, simply a great post in the ‘ways to go through life more positively and constructively’ category. There are enough people making the world a worse place, and Nate offers 12 guidelines that might just make a small but valuable difference. For which he is to be applauded.

So … got any crackers you want to share with us?

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