Two more entries in our series of ‘other people’s blog posts we’d like to share’ – both exploring social media. (For the full list, see our Crackers page.) How are social media changing how business leaders and managers behave and interact? Are they filters or fishing nets, allowing them to graze greater numbers of potential contacts, rather than new activities per se? And why should a CEO tweet?

Will Social Networks Trump Traditional Networks In The Future? Joanna Pineda at The Matrix Group looks at how she is using Twitter, FaceBook and LinkedIn and how that compares with her more traditional networking activities. So, are these media becoming the ‘new way’, or are they more like nightclub bouncers – a handy way of filtering who gets to get closer?

Fortune 100 CEOs are Social Media Laggards: however it was that today’s Fortune 100 leaders got where they are today, it looks like using social media wasn’t their chosen route. But will they change – maybe getting someone to e-socialise on their behalf (social media requires time, although it carries an expectation of authenticity) and should they? Business Week ponders.

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