The editor has had his turn, so we’ve sat each of our consultants on Santa’s knee and asked them what they’d really like to see in the year ahead. (If you’re wondering about their conspicuous absences, Michael and Robert are currently ‘missing presumed fed’ out there somewhere in the snow.)

Camellia at Westbonbirt Arboretum

Anton Franckeiss
(see Anton’s profile)

  • As we emerge from recession an understanding of the need to continue helping those still affected by the trauma and fallout of the last 12 months.
  • A shared understanding that people will have choices and they will likely make their next career move based on how they have been treated by their employers over the last 12 months.
  • That my 12 year old daughter does not turn into a teenager too quickly!

Chris Rogers
(see Chris’s profile)

  • More coaching to help leaders perform better in navigating through the credit crunch
  • Less coaching of underperforming executives as a ‘sticking plaster’ to cover up poor performance management by their boss
  • England win the World Cup!

Magnolia at Lower Brailes ChurchMatt Evans
(see Matt’s profile)

  • Brave, bold and courageous leadership as a result of the General Election
  • Accountability, consequence and free market exposure in the banking world
  • That ASK can do some international development before the next Climate Summit 😉

Naysan Firoozmand
(see Naysan’s profile)

  • Honesty: if something needs saying, say it. But do so sensitively, considering the impact on those that hear you
  • Courage: be willing to take the next step.  Do something courageous and make a difference to the way you work and for the people around you.
  • Persistence: those that are willing to do something do so in a considered way, maintain it and recognise the impact it has because even the smallest things make the biggest difference.

Elaine Wilson
(see Elaine’s profile)

  • Continued employment
  • A hot summer
  • My daughter graduates with a First.

Whatever you’re hoping to see next year, we’re hoping it will appear – and that’ll you take bold, brave, honest, courageous, persistent (and sensitive) steps towards making it happen. You’ve got to have a dream …

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