We figured the Christmas Crackers are probably past their best now, so it was time for the next in our regular series of pointers to thought-provoking posts elsewhere in the blogosphere. A terrific post on a concept for challenging traditional or reductive thinking, and a thought-provoking post on employee engagement and just what it means.

For more useful, provocative or just plain life-enhancing snippets from around the web, see our full Crackers list.

Thinking Both/And: we’ve highlighted her contributions in ‘Crackers’ before, but Sharlyn Lauby’s recent post at The Hr Bartender is truly a cracker. Constructive, positive and challenging – and the concept of ‘Both/And’ is one that deserves greater consideration in many, many aspects of working life. Sharlyn, we will putting pen to paper shortly, and thank you for the inspiration.

What is Engagement, and is it really just about employees?:  as contribution Mike Klein points out, ‘engagement’ may be a hot topic, but discussion suffers from a lack of agreed definition. His post – which has attracted much comment already – particularly struck my attention after reading Richard Donkin’s “The Future of Work” – review to follow – and Donkin’s concern that it is becoming “the one trick pony of modern management”.

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