Two contrasting stories from the wider world, one looking at an innovation in reward and recognition, the other looking through a glass (and rather darkly) at the implications for HR – and for organisations – of recruitment freezes. (The rest of our Crackers series is also available online.)

  • Dutch Companies Embrace Sustainability-Based Bonuses: the US-based This Is Good blog looks at the work of Netherlands-based paint and chemical company, AkzoNobel, who are awarding 50% of bonuses for traditional financial goals and 50% for contributions to sustainability. “So these bonuses aren’t just tied to reductions in greenhouse gas emissions through energy efficiency upgrades, telecommuting, and other measures but they are also tied to eco-innovations. This allows the company to continue to spur creativity from their employees, which will, in turn, garner more attention from customers and even competitors.”
  • Brain freeze: The wonderfully titled My Hell is Other People is the blog of “British HR Director caught in a Sartrian nightmare and trying to see the philosophical side of life”. He or she may remain anonymous, but – like us in a recent post –  they are concerned about how public sector cuts in the UK will be implemented in practice, and how they can be as painful for those who remain as those who depart: “The idea of a recruitment freeze makes a number of assumptions, that all roles are equal, that all roles are interchangeable and that the right people will leave.  And that just doesn’t happen.  You either stick dogmatically to the freeze to the detriment of the service and the health and well-being of those that remain, or you have to exercise a degree of judgement.”

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