Another article that readers can now download. Published in the May edition of Talent Management, the article – by ASK MD, Robert Terry, questions whether the way we engage with our talent is stifling their behaviour and, with it, the scope and opportunity to be creative and productive.

To give a flavour, one short extract is given below (the full article can be downloaded as a PDF file here):

Perhaps we will come to view the corporate and political excesses of the first decade of the 21st century as blessings in disguise, serving as they did to awaken us to the threat of manipulation, the fallibility of power and the meanings that lie beneath the surface of words.

 The lesson of the last 10 years is that legitimacy (and with it the right to set and pursue standards not just for the behaviour of others but also for their thoughts and feelings) flows from moral authority and cannot be commanded, no matter how big the PR budget. Legitimacy is a social construction and is conferred or withdrawn by those who would be controlled. It cannot be begged, bought or stolen.”

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