One of the obsessions of modern life is speed – everything must be faster than before, and everything is always urgent. Browsing the web – and mindful of some of the pearls of wisdom in Michael Foley’s The Age of Absurdity (reviewed here recently) – we thought we’d take a moment to point you to two posts that highlight different aspects of timescale and pace. (To see a complete list of all our signposts to some of the Web’s finer moments, see our Crackers page).

  • Patience.. Virtue And Discipline: Gwen Teatro’s You’re Not the Boss of Me is usually a thoughtful read. This post reminds us that patience has its benefits – supporting the development of late bloomers, encouraging us to reflect, probe and explore, and helping us make better decisions. Curiosity might be said to kill the cat, but surely impatience would do the same – only quicker?
  • Once Upon a Time: Wally Bock’s Three-Star Leadership blog is another great resource. Here, Wally benefits from the joint wisdoms of age and hindsight to remind us that, underneath the technology and the initiatives and the imperatives, there are human beings – and their habits and behaviours change slowly. Having the patience to distinguish between ‘change’ and ‘progress’ is definitely a virtue.

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