Two very different views of the world of HR from the wider web have caught our attention to flag up for you, the first of which you might like to read in conjunction with our recent post, Rearranging the top table: a role for HR? and the second of which may raise a smile among those of who pondering where to take a late summer break. In their different ways, both articles provide a valuable mirror in which to reflect on the perceptions of HR and training functions from the outside of the goldfish bowl. (For a full list of our favourite items, pointing you to gems of wisdom from the web, see our Crackers page.)

  • A seat at the table: the trainer’s dilemma: a reflection by Fred Nickols at the Training Journal blogs on our readiness – as opposed to our desire – to have a seat at that mythical ‘top table’ as trainers, the impact that a change of role has on the individual and on the lingering perceptions of training, its purpose and value. A very thought provoking read.
  • 1,000 Places To Visit Before You Die. Number 1,001: HR Shire: an altogether less profound and somber reflection of the world – or in this case, the fictional (?) shire – of HR, but still one that may provoke a wry smile as you pause to reflect that (like any profession) your intentions and good deeds may look slightly different viewed through other eyes.

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