Maybe it’s the widespread use of networked media nowadays, as the other thing that spreads nearly as fast as gossip is a good giggle, or maybe it’s the times we live in encouraging us all to seek opportunities for a therapeutic chuckle once in a while, but the idea of ‘fun at work’ being a) possible, b) possibly a good thing is definitely in the ether. Or whatever the digital equivalent of ether is. Indeed, one of the tags at Never Mind The Manager is ‘fun at work’, so the following two links to posts in the category are offered a) in the spirit of spreading a little happiness, and b) as a reminder that music might be a universal language, but humour sometimes doesn’t even travel across a desk. (For other Crackers from around the web, see our Crackers page.)

  • The best deck of cards ever!: 52 self-coaching tips, each one incorporated into a card from a regular playing deck. The original poster said: “Look at the 5 of diamonds, “Do I regularly connect with my staff? Do I know how they are doing outside of work? Did he win his match? How was her weekend? Do I know all the birthdays of my staff? Am I showing that I really care?”” I couldn’t help wonder how you’d notice if you were too interested in playing cards, and found the whole thing a bit naff. But just because they’d signal to me that their owner was someone not to sit next to in the canteen if possible, doesn’t mean they might not be your thing.
  • Dancing Cop – Fun at work: Much more my cup of tea, this one, but then I like humour that is unexpected, and comes from incongruous juxtapositions: a uniformed job body-popping at a square full of surprised looking passers by is funny, even if it is an actor rather than a cop. (Clicking through to YouTube shows that he’s quite the serial offender too.) It’s actually part of a series of performances linked to the local theatre commenting on violence, but that doesn’t stop it raising a smile – whether loftily about the ideal of peaceful communities, or at a more humdrum level about a uniformed man boogying on down, y’all. (It also reminds me of Dutch police during Euro 90, patrolling in full uniform and orange glitter wigs: far better to make a potentially rowdy crowd cheerful than potentially antagonistic, not matter how desperate the colour scheme.)

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