Clark Gable, Franz Ferdinand, Charlie Chaplin, Friedrich Nietzsche, Salvador Dali, Albert Einstein and Hulk Hogan.

What do all of these great men have in common?

If you haven’t guessed yet (shame on you), it’s that all of these individuals sport – or sported – fantastic moustaches. And in support of Movember,  so have a number of our staff.

Now, if you’re wondering how I’ve managed to miss that typo, then you need to come out from under that rock you’ve been living under and get with the times! Movember is an international campaign designed to raise prostate cancer awareness and funds for research.

In the spirit of things, those around the office that are capable of growing a moustache have done so, and with surprisingly fetching results! Whether you’re more drawn to the ‘19th century strongman’ look Naysan Firoozmand is currently sporting, or the subtler, some might say, ‘barely discernible’ moustache Ainsley McLeod’s currently rocking. And not forgetting the ‘Bavarian pornstar’ look that Paul Northcott has so thoroughly embodied for the past few weeks: you have to admit that all the boys have really stepped up to the challenge.

And in the process, we have raised just under £300 for charity!

Well done chaps, pats on the back all round!