As we mentioned earlier, rules and regulations seem to be topical. Maybe it’s the whole Nudge thing, maybe it’s just one of those passing moments where something catches our attention. We’ve felt moved to blog about it not once but twice in less than a month, so I hope it’s not just either insurrection or paranoia. But there are two items out there on the web that seemed to chime – the first on employee handbooks, the second a campaign along the lines of the UK’s recent Movember campaign – particularly in the context of the recent article about the UBS Dress Code. (For more of these snippets from around the web, see our Crackers page.)

  • Your Single Biggest Corporate Culture Document: one of our favourite bloggers, the HR Bartender, points out that your employee handbook is “the first document employees get that tells them what their career with your organization will be like”. If they’re reeling under pages of legalese, reacting badly to your presentation of your self-image, or communicating an unfortunate sense of organisational priorities, the time may have come for a rethink. We’ve talked about going beyond compliance recently too – and Sharlyn Lauby’s post (and the Creative Choas Consultant’s) suggests we are not the only ones open to some forward-facing wondering aloud.
  • ‘Grow a beard for Belgium’ appeal by actor Poelvoorde – a little harder for everyone one to join in with, as symbolic gestures go, but a Belgian actor is using the power of social media to put pressure on his country’s leaders to resolve their differences and actually form a definitive government (the election took place last June). The France24 English-language news service has also covered the story. If UBS’s pilot study rolls out to Belgium, there will presumably be a dilemma for bankers concerned for stable government, but that’s a whole different can of worms …

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