As people who like to think that the glass is at least half-full, we were always optimistic that we would meet our target on responses to Learning Transfer 2010 – the UK’s first nationwide survey of current practice in learning transfer and application. Having aimed at getting 500 responses by the end of 2010, our faith in human nature – and, more importantly, in the HR and L&D communities – was boosted when we made the final tally and realised that over 550 of you had taken the time to answer our online questionnaire.

Firstly, a big thank you to all of you that did so. We were conscious that, to ask enough questions to explore the topic meaningfully and with the depth it deserves, the questionnaire would take at least a few minutes of your time. We also consciously chose not to incentivise its completion beyond the knowledge that those that did would be helping to shed light on a crucially important topic in L&D and its impact on organisational performance. If professionally developing others is an expression faith in humanity, then that faith is contagious and we applaud it!

Secondly, you may need to hold your breath just a little longer, but your input will bear fruit before too long. Analysis of your questionnaire responses is now underway, and we are aiming to publish initial results by the end of the first quarter of 2011. Once details are available, there will be further announcements here, on our Twitter account and from Training Journal.

Thirdly, one of the aims of the Survey is to encourage progress in enhancing interest – and activity – in improving transfer and application in learning. While we’re aware that ‘you can’t manage without measurement’ can be a double-edged sword (one of the problems with transfer and application being a reluctance to evaluate beyond attendance and initial reaction), it’s equally impossible to see progress without a benchmark or a yardstick. So we’re proud to announce that, with our partners at Training Journal, we are already committed to running the survey again in 2011 and 2012.

Stay tuned for further announcements: we hope that we can retain your interest in an issue that is close to our hearts – and needs to be closer to the hearts and minds of trainers and learners.

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