Two very different posts from out there across the Interweb in today’s Crackers sign-post (for a full list of our Crackers – links to great blog postings elsewhere – please just click here).

  • I’m not an experience-seeking user, I’m a meaning-seeking human person:  Tim Morris on how turning everything into a game or a social media experience isn’t necessarily a way forward. Or as he puts it in part:  “This is why I’m sceptical about gamification: there’s enough […] pointless distractions in life already, we don’t need more of them, however beautiful the user experiences are. But what we do need more of is people making a commitment to doing something meaningful and building a shared pool of common value”.
  • Personality and Knowledge Management Behavior: our old friends at, reporting of the impact of different personality types on behaviours to support (or undermine) knowledge managing and sharing activities, and recommend understanding each other as a shorter path to improvement than attempting to change each other’s personalities.

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