Leadership is a fickle thing. Generally, you should have a good idea if you are doing it correctly or not… but let’s look at the recent history of the England rugby union team.

In 1995, England had a charismatic captain in Will Carling, a tough uncompromising coach in Jack Rowell and – to paraphrase Carling – “57 old farts” in charge of strategy at Twickenham.  

In 2003, England had a strong captain in Martin Johnson, a positive and creative manager in Clive Woodward, and a solid well defined strategy from the management Board.

In 2011 England had a lot of young players but no leader on the field, an inexperienced manager, the afore mentioned Martin Johnson, and a management board so at war with each other they had probably forgotten where Twickenham is.

So … try to work out in which year England won the Rugby World Cup.

Great Leadership in all areas of an organisation is difficult to achieve. Without it, you are unlikely to achieve your potential. But with it – well anything is possible.

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