In our office there are many moments of banter.  A recent playful conversation led to one colleague reminding me, on not the first occasion, that in the 17 years she had worked for the company, she had never been given a nickname.  The ‘not the first occasion’ is the bit that struck me, as during my life I’ve been given a number of nicknames – and not all were wanted or warranted! 

Some were derivations of my name, which are acceptable; some related to my physical characteristics  – many I accept and some a little hurtful, but those that irked came from the mouths of children – and I’m sure I must have irked a few of my friends as I grew up!  I was never called ‘Einstein’ or ‘Dopey’ and remain happy to be somewhere in-between. A sprinkling related to my personality, which were the ones I liked the best.

For me, the fact that we as individuals do not get to choose our own nicknames but have them awarded to us means that those which represent the aspects of our personality that we want to get across,  are those best loved. 

So with this thought in mind, I think the 17 year itch can end with one that she can choose herself… I’m not brave enough to try!  Just brace yourself and click:

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