As it’s always been part of our intention with this blog to publish a range of voices – and we we’re the kind of organisation that likes to make an effort to live by our values – we recently invited the staff here to submit blogs of their own. The rules were simple – be interesting, no politics or religion, and at least try not to swear – but then so was the judge (pauses to blush). And a panel of independent advisors was also on hand to provide opinions on anonymised entries in the interests of fairness.

We have declared a winner – Sally Cristini for her piece, A Well Embroidered Life – but today we’ve published all the entries so you can judge for yourself the diversity of personality and outlook that typifies us. Enjoy your reading – the links to the pieces are all given below:

And please remember – whether you’re staff, an Associate, a client, or just someone who’s stumbled upon this blog and thought “Actually, I’ve got something to say about …” – that contributions and comments are always entirely welcome.

Many colleagues here have also pleaded conscientious personalities and full in-trays, so there are more contributions from here to join these over the coming weeks. Why not join us and have your own say?

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